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WP Responsive Simulator gives you a great way to demo your products and mockups online in a fully responsive way. Let your client view your design and see how it reacts to different device sizes with the click of a button. Secure your demo links using WordPress’s online permalinks so your demo directory is never visible to the end user.

Preset with common screen resolutions from mobile to large format, but you can also give them a way to add new resolutions to their preview. Your user can simply drag the resolutions around or add their own.

Need additional protection? Add another layer of security by using WordPress’s built in password protected page feature and allow only users with access the ability to see your work.

NOTE: Keep in mind this plugin uses and iframe to display content. Iframe cross domain restrictions apply. See the list below for more information about iframe security:

http – http – allowed
http – https – allowed
https – http – not allowed


Want to display more than the default sizes? Now you can! Add as many or as few sizes as you want to make your individual simulators more responsive for your users.


Want to display multiple themes or designs to your users? Now you can! Add as many site URLs as you want to a single simulator to have a drop down list appear to help preview all of your work from one location.


Set with pre-configured resolutions such as phone, iPhone 5, tablet, netbook, and large format with the added bonus of full customization to allow your clients to add new resolutions as they see fit.


Need a demo or mockup to be password protected? Well, now you have one. Set your password and send the client a link. When they type the password, the simulator is visible, otherwise they get an log on message.


  • Create responsive links to your demos or mockups
  • Password protect your links
  • Enter a single URL, that is it…everything else is handled by the plugin
  • Add ability to add or remove responsive sizes
  • Add ability to add multiple sites and display a dropdown to select from different sites on one simulator
  • Share your responsive simulators with built in social media buttons, or don’t..it is your choice

Have an idea that we can implement? Share it with us in the comments or message us on Code Canyon and your idea may get put into our next revision.

WordPress Responsive Simulator

Change Log

Current Version: Version 1.4

  • Version 1.4
    • Added modern style to multiple site dropdown
    • Fixed issue with permalink structure being overwritten
    • Added share functionality
    • Added simple loading screen to help with script initialization
  • Version 1.3
    • Add ability to add or remove responsive sizes
    • Add ability to add multiple sites and display a dropdown to select from different sites on one simulator
  • Version 1.1
    • Fixed isue when using https
  • Version 1.0
    • WordPress Online Contract is offical. Enjoy