WooCommerce – Payconiq integration nulled script free download

WooCommerce – Payconiq integration nulled script free download

This is a plugin for using Payconiq in WooCommerce, making the mobile QR-code triggered transaction also visible in the webshop.  The payment gateway integration makes it possible to connect the mobile payment app Payconiq to WooCommerce webshops. A must for all WooCommerce webshops accepting Payconiq.

What is Payconiq?

Payconiq is a popular mobile payment system used in the Benelux, intended to be able to pay in restaurants, hairdressers, (web)shops etc. using a smartphone. 
It’s an app that users can link to their bank account, making cash, debit or credit cards redundant.

There is no investment required for merchants accepting Payconiq. The only cost is a per-transaction charge of 6 cents for payment in a store or 20 cents for online payment. 

How does Payconiq work?

A client uses the app to pay wherever Payconiq is accepted. The app allows clients to, using their smartphone or tablet, scan the merchant’s QR-code to complete the payment. Every transaction can be seen in real-time on the Payconiq payment portal, whether the merchant uses a smartphone, tablet or computer screen.

What is WooCommerce?

Basically, WooCommerce is an open-source webshop integration for any WordPress website. Open source means anything can be modified and customised. Because developers have complete control, they can add unlimited products and users, and take unlimited orders.

Why integrate Payconiq & WooCommerce?

For every merchant handling its eCommerce using WooCommerce, integrating Payconiq guarantees the same payment method as in-store, a low transaction fee, payments happening completely digitally and instant, offering a QR-code in the Payconiq app, and so on.


How does the extension work?

After checkout, a QR-code needs to be scanned by the client using the Payconiq app, or, alternatively, the client can click on a link leading them to the Payconiq app. The client confirms the transaction using their PIN code in the app (or fingerprint), and at this point, the payment is…

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