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Woocommerce Image Sales wordpress indir

Sell Photos Online Fast

WooCommerce Image Sales was built to provide a better, quicker and easier way to turn your images into digital downloadable products. This tool automates the process, saving you valuable time. Adding photos the old way would take hours, if not days.

3 Simple Steps to market

  1. Set Your Presets (for example price)
  2. Drag & Drop your images
  3. Edit image details (Optional, for example change the price)
  4. Press Upload

Features Overview

  • Watermark Preview Image (Prevents customers getting the full image for free)
  • Bulk Upload with presets and individual editing
  • Cheat Code to aid presets
  • Cheat Code Filters to aid Cheat Codes

Bulk Upload Presets (used to populate image blocks, for example price)

  • Set Multiple Categories (NEW)
  • Set SKU (NEW)
  • Set Title
  • Set Description
  • Set Excerpt
  • Set Price
  • Set Published

Cheat Code

A Cheat Code is essentially a short code that is replaced with a value

for example. if we upload an image called “wordpress.jpg” and use the following in the title preset

Image file.name

It will be changed to

Image wordpress

Available Codes

  • file.name – returns the file name
  • file.mime – returns the file mime type. for example image/jpeg
  • file.size – returns the file size
  • file.width – returns the file image width
  • file.height – returns the file image width
  • file.id – returns the file id
  • preset.description – returns the description from the item

Cheat Code Filters

Filters are to be used on cheat codes following the format


For example


Available Filters

  • excerpt – returns the first 55 characters of text
  • length – returns the count of characters in the text

Good Information

This plugin is a backend tool and does not edit your website theme functionality. If your theme supports Woocommerce it supports Woocommerce Image Sales

Uninstalling Woocommerce Image Sales will not affect the products you have created with it. it is 100% safe to uninstall.

Change log

1.2.7 - improved memory usage
1.2.6 - Show thumbnails up to 60mb in the upload box
1.2.5 - cheatcode filters can now be chained for example preset.description|excerpt|length
1.2.4 - fixed upload timeout issue
1.2.3 - fixed bug with some inputs not being disabled during uploading
1.2.2 - added categories to the presets
1.2.1 - added watermark size ratio, watermark max percentage, watermark opacity
1.2.0 - added filters, excerpt. fixed watermark bottom bug
1.1.3 - added description preset. swapped out template engine used
1.1.2 - fixed watermark bug, resize watermark. fix alpha bug
1.1.1 - added watermark thumbnail resize, various bug fixes
1.0.0 - project first released



Your WordPress website runs on PHP. And has a default memory limit of 128mb (if your on a managed hosted platform. then you can ask the provider to set this for you). This will be fine for most cases. However if your image resolution is big the memory limit has to be raised or they will fail to process.

the math to work out the amount memory the image will need in order to be processed is

(( width * height ) * 4)/1000000 = X mb

for example

((8334 * 8334) * 4)/1000000 = 277.822224mb

this value will need to be slightly higher again as the plugin and wordpress requires memory too.

Also note that the bigger the image the longer the wait after upload. The plugin manipulates these images and watermarks them.