When learning to shred on the guitar

When learning to shred on the guitar, the most crucial thing you must achieve is to learn your way around the fretboard. Just like while cooking, you must know all the ingredients that are required. For shredding, you must know all the notes over the fretboard.

Not being confident with the position of the notes that you want to play is the most common bottleneck for most guitarists. The process of overcoming this hurdle is one of the slowest, but once you succeed in speeding your note finding capability, your playing ability will improve marginally.

First of all, there are 12 music notes in total, which means that as you go 12 frets higher, everything repeats itself. The open-string notes repeat at the 12th fret. Every note after that, all the way up to the 24th fret, is the same as the previous 12 frets.

Because half of the fretboard is repeated, just half of it has to be memorized. If I say that it is an easy process, then I would be bluffing. Learning the notes all over the fretboard is a time-consuming process that needs daily practice.

My advice would be to integrate this practice with the chromatic finger exercise. For that, you just have to recite the names of the notes every time you play one. This is a very effective way, especially for beginners.

Before memorizing the notes, you need a fretboard diagram with all the corresponding notes written over each fret. You can either print it from the internet or make one yourself. Now, there are many ways that you can use to engrave the position of the notes in your memory, but only some are less tiresome.

Personally, I used to practice scale patterns on my guitar over backing tracks available on youtube. The backing track videos have diagrams that you can refer to while playing the guitar simultaneously. This method is not only an effective one but also makes the tedious process very enjoyable.

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