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Whatsapp Status Save & Downloader help users to save the status photo images, video of new status and GIF image of status. The application also contain ready made inspiration image status with inspiration quotes. So user can download inspirational quotes and set as a status on social apps profile. User can also set and share downloaded status on various social apps. images of kisses

Whatsapp Status Saver And Downloader

How to use this app

  1. First user need to see Status from your original Whatsapp messenger Application.
  2. Then open the Whatsapp Status Downloader app, it will scan and display that Photo, GIF or Videos.
  3. User can save display picture (DP) image and video to local storage permanently and share on social apps.
  4. User can play videos within app and browse downloaded photo status inside the app .


  • App code is written using native java and easy to change apps theme (Take less time to reskin & configure new app).
  • Save whatsapp status Image and Videos permanently on users gallery.
  • App contains Inspirational quotes with background hd wallpaper, Download inspirational quotes and set as a status.
  • Share Images and Videos on other apps directly from Whatsapp Downloader Status.
  • Integrated Admob Banner/Interstitial Ads.


  • Android Studio [Recommended Version 3.0 +]
  • Photoshop to design your own app icon and screenshot for play store listing.
  • AdMob Account to create app on AdMob and display ads in app.
  • Play Store Account to publish app.

Steps To Setup Project

  • Download the project file and unzip it.
  • Open Source code project file on Android Studio
  • Run Project
  • Open Documentation files and follow the steps to reskin app and other apps settings.

 # UPDATE V 1.0 - ( 30 July 19 )
 -Initial Release

# UPDATE V 1.1 - (16 August 19)
- Android Pie support (Upgraded from API 27 To 28)
- Improved source code quality
- Bug fixes and optimizations 

# UPDATE V 1.2 - (15 October 19)
- Bug Fixed For Image Display


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