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This app is a social app that can enable you to begin a startup or community similar to instagram. The design inspiration is straight from Instagram’s Raw UI.. And it is also very customizable so that you can use it for whatever community you would want to build and not just limited to the UFO community.

The talk about extraterrestrial Aliens, is no longer a Talk of “Mad people” or “Psychos” or “Conspiracy theorists” or people living on our Islands like the Samoa.. The United states Military Pentagon(World’s most powerful military) HAS CONFIRMED VIDEO EVIDENCE of Aircrafts NOT OF THIS WORLD! and obtained physical artifacts According to Luis Elizondo and evidence in The secret program they called Advanced Aerospace Threat Indentification Program (AATIP)…
As Reported by CNN, FoxNews and all major news networks (All rights reserved)

The debate about Aliens is therefore not a case of “Do Aliens exist?”, but is rather a case of “Why are they coming here and who exactly are they?”..

It is Therefore a subject that intrigues Many people but lacks a coordinated effort in fighting.. This social network app code was made so, You can start your very own community on android Dedicated to Reporting UFOs or simply any community sharing stories with people of similar interest..


  • Verification badge
  • Image editing
  • Private messaging
  • Commenting
  • @mentions
  • Group messaging
  • Hashtags
  • Filters
  • Video editing tools
    Text & drawing tools
    Live video streaming
  • Stories/Moments feature
  • Search functionality

  • Ultimate Status Video App - 2

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