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Product description

Native android Recipe application

Recipes App is a mobile recipe system which run under Android platform that used for your own recipe application

Recipe app stores recipes in a local SQLite database. See the full list of features below.

AdMob has been integrated with the application so that anybody can include Ad.

Feature List:

Spicy Recipe App for Android with Admob - 1

Spicy Recipe App for Android with Admob - 2

Here is the detailed feature list:

  • Complete native Recipe App
  • Full Android Source Code for Android Studio
  • Easy integration.
  • Splash Screen.
  • Android Studio Project.
  • Admob Added ( banner + full_intersitial ).

  • Material design following Android Design Guidelines
  • Favorite recipes.
  • Dynamic backend based on online google sheet.
  • Responsive design and tablet support (portrait, landscape, handling orientation change).
  • Categorised recipe list.
  • Search All recipe.

  • Store recipe offline use SQLite Database.
  • Well documented code.

App Demo

Spicy Recipe App for Android with Admob - 3


  • Android Studio 3.0 +

Technical Documentation


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