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This classical picture puzzle game has been designed using Adobe Flash and AIR and offers many options for reskinning.


Restore Dracula’s castle before the owner’s arrival.
So far we have not heard new stories about the most famous vampire Count Dracula. But recently renewed talk, that someone saw him again in the city. Strange things have become to happen in his desolated castle and chilling sounds could be heard from there.
Dracula´s Castle is a picture puzzle game where you have to touch and swap pictures to find the correct location in time.

• Great picture sliding puzzles
• Atmospheric high-res artworks
• Motivating time challenge
• Creepy soundtrack
• Surprising ending

Please note that there is also an iOs version of this app available we will also offer here. If you want to maximize your audience and earnings than this is the perfect deal for you!

If you want to test the game please do so and send us a PM here inside CodeCanyon and we will happily send you the APK file.


This is very simple, just change the graphics and the sounds and used IDs (if any) and rename the game and that’s it. You are totally free to modify the whole game, adding a whole new scenario, more pictures/puzzles etc. This has tons of possibilities.

The game has been developed in Adobe Flash and then publish for Android by AIR. Really simple and easy to do.


Please note: If you would like to use this app for what they were made of (=earning money) you need to purchase the EXTENDED license. With the regular license you can just publish the app(s) for free and can’t sell them. Please check carefully Envatos license guidelines for this to avoid any problems. Many thanks!