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Photica Android- photo social network - 1

Photica – photo social network like as Instagram

The application uses its own backend for running. NO PARSE OR BACKENDLESS!!


  • Registration user
  • Post image
  • Image editor
  • Delete image
  • User profile
  • Comment photo
  • Photo complaint
  • Like / Dislike photo
  • Follow/Unfollow users
  • Ban/ Unban users
  • Activity page
  • Search users
  • Share pictures
  • Who liked / disliked my photos
  • Who follow / unfollow from me
  • Unlimited push notification
  • Edit user profile

Application Features

  • Android studio
  • Android 5.x – 7.0
  • Clean design
  • Easy setup and customization

Backend Features

  • User control
  • List of photo
  • Delete / Unpublish image
  • List of complaints
  • List of users app

Photica Android- photo social network - 2

Technical requirements

  • PHP min 5.6 – max 7.X
  • MySql min 5
  • Apache server
  • mod_rewrite ON
  • upload_max_filesize and post_max_filesize > 50Mb


  • 14.04.2018 – Upgrading libraries and dependencies to the current version
  • 14.03.2019 – Upgrading libraries and dependencies to the current version // add installer to backend // support php 7.X

Demo apk


Photica for iOS

Photica Android- photo social network - 3


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