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Discover a powerful way to promote your Music Agency, Producer, Band or DJ business with Noisa for WordPress. Includes continuous music playback & 6 months support

We’re proud to present to you the powerful, sharp and incredibly diverse WordPress theme built precisely for Musicans, Bands, Net Labels, DJ’s, Producers… NOISA was made using AJAX technique – now you can be sure that music won’t stop playing during page browsing. It is a great way to present your music at the highest level.

Continuous Music Playback

Noisa WordPress Theme - Asynchronous Javascript and XML

AJAX or Asynchronous Javascript and XML, is a group of techniques used in web development which allows a web page to communicate with a server without reloading the page.

This makes it awesome for playing music! You know when you select a track to play then click a link to a different page and the music stops? Not with Noisa.

Browse multiple pages and keep the music in the background that acts as an overlay allowing users to play, pause, FFW etc. and doesn’t need to reload with page content, it’s slick, fast and easy to use across multiple device types.

Theme works by fetching HTML from your server via ajax and replacing the content of a container element on your page with the loaded HTML. It then updates the current URL in the browser using pushState. This results in faster page. No page resources (JS, CSS) get re-executed or re-applied

Visual Composer Page Builder

Noisa WordPress Theme - WP Bakery Page Builder

Take your music website to the top of the charts with Noisa and your bundled copy of the #1 selling Drag & Drop Page Builder, WP Bakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer).

Create any web element you can think with drag & drop simplicity using a simple visual interface that doesn’t require any coding on your part – huzzah! Noisa plus the #1 top selling Plugin for WordPress, WP Bakery Page Builder = design gold, good times…

Revolution Slider

Noisa WordPress Theme - Revolution Slider

Slider Revolution – as they say, it’s not just a Slider Plugin, it’s a new way to deliver ideas.

Create beautiful content in a creative way whether it’s a Slider, Carousel, Hero Scene or full page, with this powerhouse Drag & Drop Editor, Slider Revolution has you covered.

Present your work in very innovative ways using this remarkable Plugin that allows you create stunning assets visually, save and reuse them in Posts or Pages, and never have to worry about a single line of code.

Responsive Design

Noisa WordPress Theme - Live Preview

Noisa includes a full responsive design that takes all of today’s modern devices into account, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing except the music.

Using CSS your new website will scale automatically – including the music player – across laptops, mobiles, smartphones, tablets and even smartwatches.

Don’t just sound great, but look great on the go as well.

One Click Demo Import

Chose a demo, upload your zip file and unpack it, click install. It’s that simple! Everything you see in the Demo of your choice gets installed along with your new WordPress site.

We have made this as simple and as complete as possible so that you can be up and running
with your new website and all the features you fell in love with in as little time as possible.

Stunning Advanced Headers

A beautifully designed Header can be the difference between losing a customer and keep one! Your Header is the first thing users have to interact with and even though it is often overlooked, we haven’t forgotten about the beauty of a well developed header and navigation system.

This applies to the music industry especially as you may want to make a huge impact, interact strongly with your users as they hit your first page, so we have created advanced header designs that can include elements like titles, images, sliders, videos and even maps in your header section!

Display on each page, post or portfolio and customize to your heart’s content.

Advanced Music Player

Noisa WordPress Theme - Music Player

Speaking of sounding great, Noisa brings you an advanced music player that never stops playing during page browsing. This is key to providing a user experience focused on the music and achieved using the powerful AJAX technology mentioned earlier.

It supports HearThis.at and SoundCloud, the most popular user generated music content platform available today, and five music specific Visual Composer widgets – Single Track, Tracklist, Tracklist Grid, Track Carousel and Single Album view for the ultimate in flexibility.

DISQUS Comments System

Integrate a powerful comments management system from the outset with DISQUS and really engage your audience. DISQUS has become a household name in web development circles because of its ultimate flexibility and hardcore multi device, multi language support. It makes sense to implement this way and it is portable if you wish to bring comments across from another Theme or Website.

Get the benefit of Rich media comments so people can go LOL and Cat Video the discussion as much as they like, plus everything is real time with the bonus of having upvotes, downvotes, threaded replies and recommends plus more… What are you waiting for?

Email Marketing with MailChimp

Noisa WordPress Theme - Mailchimp

In the music industry it is becoming widely recognized that marketing plays a more important role that ever before. Social Media posts, Twitter Feeds, Insta galleries and the all important, perhaps even MOST important Email Marketing list needs to be your best friend.

That’s why Noisa lets you integrate your existing MailChimp account to create a myriad of email marketing opportunities with your new website.

Capture leads, subscriptions, send campaigns and event details to targeted lists – it’s incredibly flexible and fully integrated, ready to roll out now.

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is the industry standard when it comes to creating forms for your new music website. Bookings are all important to your business so we have integrated Contact Form 7 into Noisa so all you need to do is download and activate for a fully functioning and customizable web forms.

Add forms where you need em, into post content, add custom fields, specify subjects per email, use CAPTCHA for added security and use simple ShortCodes to help you create cool, complex forms without any coding required.

Sell Your Music

Noisa WordPress Theme - Music Player

The most customizable eCommerce platform for building your online business. Noisa includes full support for the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin, which means you can easily sell your music, add products, affiliate goods, coupon codes and more. WooCommerce can scale with you as you grow your business. From selling one product to thousands, and from your first order to your millionth, WooCommerce will be able to scale and ride the wave with you.

So much more…

There is so much more beneath the hood with Noisa it’s hard to cover it all, but how about two complete demos designed specifically for a Music Agency and the other a fully fledged Recording Studio website, plus stacks of web elements that are all fully customizable and reusable? Or maybe a choice of layout ideas for promoting your upcoming Artists, Shows or other Events?

Maybe a wicked image gallery that can display in a variety of ways all while your fave tracks are playing in the background – or maybe a full blown merch shop with your latest hoodies, posters and of course digital downloads for your army of fans?

Noisa has got it all covered in an easy to use and familiar WordPress package to help you take
things to the next level. Check it out, now!

Complete List of Features

  • Music Player With Continuous Playback
  • One click demo import.
  • Music player, with playlist. Easily add self hosted MP3, hosted MP3, Soundcloud tracks, playlist, favorite tracks etc, with autoplay (optional)
  • Visual Composer for WordPress ($25 value) – Visual Composer for WordPress will save you tons of time working on the site content. Now you’ll be able to create complex layouts within minutes!
  • Custom Post Formats – NOISA supports following custom blog post formats: Standard, Gallery, Video, Audio
  • With our Event Manager you can set repetitive and multi-day events. You can use counter which will countdown time to next event. In events archive they will be automatically switched from future to past after they will occour. Localization of every single event can be shown by Google Maps integration.
  • Background Generator – Simple way to create a different background header for each page, post…etc.
  • Slide Panel – NOISA comes with a slide widget area. There is an invisible scroller implemented. Also, it is automatically closing itself after page loaded.
  • Contact Form 7 Integration
  • Integrated comments from DISQUS. You can turn them off in admin panel.
  • MailChimp List SignUp Integration
  • Responsive Layout.
  • 6 Custom posts types:
    • Releases (drag drop ajax sorter).
    • Artists (drag drop ajax sorter).
    • Events
    • Slider (drag drop ajax sorter).
    • Tracks Manager (drag drop ajax sorter).
    • Gallery
  • 3 Custom widgets:
    • Tracks – Displays tracks (single track, tracklist or tracks grid).
    • Twitter – Displays latest tweets.
    • Gallery – Displays albums or images from gallery.
  • Retina Ready.
  • Translation Ready (Include .po, .mo and .pot files)
  • Unlimited sidebars.
  • Full localization – template and administrative interface. You can easily translate them to your own language.
  • Gorgeous jQuery enhancements.
  • Unlimited blog pages.
  • Powerful administration panel.
  • HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Wide pages and posts.
  • Cross browser compatible – Our main goal was to create a template layout which is highly compatible with almost all of the browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc. Cross browser compatibility and W3C validation of our themes are crucial in the successful running of the website.
  • Clean, well-commented, and organized code and files.


Noisa WordPress Theme - Review

Noisa WordPress Theme - Review

Noisa WordPress Theme - Review

Noisa WordPress Theme - Review

5 Star Ultimate Support

Noisa WordPress Theme - Support

At Rascals we value our customers more than anything else and if you become one, you get the same top quality 5 Star Rated Support that we offer to everyone who joins our community.

We offer everyone a full solution Support Center and ticketing system that you simply create a user account with and let us know what your problem is. We offer technical support for our Themes 8:00AM to 4:00PM (GMT +1) and work Monday to Friday.

We even offer customization service now if you want to tweak something specific for your needs. Contact us here.


==> v2.5.3 (Toolkit v1.0.3) - Dec 26, 2019
* Fixed: Tracks Manager save bug in tracks links.
* Fixed: Demo content. Now is available on SSD servers.
* Fixed: Small bugs.
* Updated: Revolution Slider ver. 6.1.5
* Updated: WPBakery Page Builder ver. 6.1

==> v2.5.2 (Toolkit v1.0.2) - Oct 31, 2019
* Fixed: DISQUS protocol bug.
* Fixed: Date order in VC modules.
* Updated: Revolution Slider ver. 6.1.3
* Updated: WPBakery Page Builder ver. 6.0.5

==> v2.5.1 (Toolkit v1.0.1) - Jul 26, 2019
* Added: Support for Revolution Slider 6+
* Fixed: Various small bugs in framework.
* Updated: Revolution Slider ver. 6.0.7

==> v2.5.0 (Toolkit v1.0.0) - Jun 26, 2019
* IMPORTANT: This update includes a new Toolkit plugin and Kirki plugin fro customization settings. Ensure that you've installed and activated it. If your widgets disappear, find them in the "Inactive Widgets" pane and re-add them into the sidebar(s) of the theme.
* Improved: Various arrangements for meeting latest WordPress standards.
* Added: Social Icons to header section Appearance->Customize->Header->Social Buttons.
* Fixed: Bug on category/tag/search page.
* Fixed: Missing Social Buttons options on artist profile page.
* Updated: Theme framework.
* Updated: WPBakery Page Builder ver. 6.0.3

==> v2.0.0 (Plugin v2.0.0) - Apr 23, 2019
* Added: New Framework (Theme Panel, Importer, Metaboxes, Customizer) compatible with new WP standards.
* Added: Music tracks URL protection.
* Added: New Music options to theme panel. Autoload and Base64 link protection.
* Added: New font loader compatible with new WP standards.
* Added: Autostart tracklist post state in tracks view.
* Fixed: Visual Composer modules Tabs, Accordion, Tour.
* Fixed: Small CSS Bugs.
* Updated: Events Manager + new backend layout.
* Updated: File structures in theme folder and theme plugin.
* Updated: Revolution Slider display function.
* Updated: Cart function in header.
* Updated: Smoothscroll v1.4.9
* Updated: Music Player v.
* Updated: WPAjaxLoader 2.0.1
* Removed: Google Plus share button. It is no longer continued by Gooogle.
* Removed: frontend.php file. All outdated customization are still in panel options but they will no longer be processed.
* Removed: Custom Date format from theme options. Instead, use the date from WordPress settings.

==> v1.5.0 (Plugin v1.5.0) - Dec 12, 2018
* Added: Support for hEntry microformats.
* Fixed: Gutenberg improvements.
* Fixed: Small CSS bugs.
* Fixed: Displaying the title in bottom player on single artist page. After clicking the button in the intro section.
* Fixed: Home page overflow.
* Updated: Scamp Music Player.
* Updated: Visual Composer - Version 5.6
* Updated: Theme compatibility with WP 5
* Updated: Revolution Slider to Version

==> v1.4.0 (Plugin v1.4.0) - Sept 22, 2018
* Added: Support for Gutenbegr plugin.
* Updated: Scamp Music Player.
* Updated: Visual Composer - Version 5.5.4
* Fixed: Cart icon in header.
* Fixed: Lightbox hover glitch.
* Fixed: Small bugs.

==> v1.3.4 (Plugin v1.3.4) - Jul 16, 2018
* Fixed: Lightbox click action.
* Fixed: Click bug after load.
* Updated: Scamp Player.
* Updated: Revolution Slider to Version 5.4.8
* Updated: WPBakery Page Builder Version 5.5.2

==> v1.3.3 (Plugin v1.3.3) - Apr 06, 2018
* Fixed: Mobile keyboard search fix.
* Updated: Revolution Slider to Version StarPath (17th March 2018)
* Updated: WPBakery Page Builder Version 5.4.7 (8th March 2018)

==> v1.3.2 (Plugin v1.3.2) - Feb 01, 2018
* Fixed: Small bugs.
* Updated: Revolution Slider - Version 5.4.7

==> v1.3.1 (Plugin v1.3.1) - Jan 16, 2018
* Added: Placeholder cover image to "Tracklist Grid" and "Tracklist Carousel" 
* Fixed: Search form in "Slidepanel", added submit action when pressed "Enter" key.
* Fixed: Scamp Player UI.
* Fixed: Small bugs.
* Fixed: "AJAX Exclude Links" in Theme Options.
* Updated: Visual Composer ver. 5.4.5.
* Updated: Revolution Slider - Version
* Updaded: ChildTheme.

==> v1.3.0 (Plugin v1.3.0) - Nov 28, 2017
* Fixed: "Full width image with content" intro section.
* Fixed: Music playback on Android devices
* Updated: Customizer.
* Updated: Revolution Slider to version
* Updaded: ChildTheme.
* Replaced: Noisa plugin name on "Noisa Extensions".
* Replaced: Plugins extensions from .tar to .zip

==> v1.2.0 (Plugin v1.2.0) Aug 08, 2017
PLEASE NOTE: Please set your customize options again because, aLL customize options are moved from theme options to customizer options (Apperance > Customize). Also move CSS and JS codes from QUICK edit section (Theme Options) to Apperance > Customize > Additional CSS / Additional Javascript.
* Added: Light Skin.
* Added: New Muttley framework 2.0 (Admin panel and Metaboxes).
* Added: New Customizer.
* Added: Google Drive support in track manager.
* Added: hearthis.at support in track manager.
* Added: Smooth transition effect to the player.
* Added: SHOUTcast support (Theme Options > Sections > Music > Shoutcast ). Player read tracks titles from SHOUTcast server. 
* Added: Continue playing tracklist. If you click on the first track on the tracklist, and when the track ends, then the next track will be loaded. Now you don't have to add all tracks from the tracklist to the bottom player, tracks will added automatically.
* Added: Prefixses to all theme functions.
* Added: Option to disabled Soundcloud (Theme Options).
* Added: Option to disabled selected tracks from playback (Tracks Manager > Track Editor).
* Fixed: Screen options panel.
* Fixed: Gallery images lightbox group.
* Fixed: TGMPA plugin functions.
* Fixed: TGMPA Sprintf error.
* Fixed: Display images and albums gallery grid.
* Updated: JavaScripts.
* Updated: Revolution Slider - Version
* Updated: Visual Composer - Version 5.2.1
* Removed: Global variables.

==> v1.1.8 (Plugin v1.1.7) - Apr 05, 2017
* Added: WooCommerce 3.0 support.
* Added: Tooltip to sections modules e.g. Artists Grid, Artists Carousel, Releases Grid.
* Fixed: Display grid on Safari.
* Fixed: Small bugs in framework.
* Updated: Visual Composer ver. 5.1.1

==> v1.1.7 (Plugin v1.1.6) - Mar 16, 2017
* Added: New Google map style.
* Added: New filter functions. "Load More" button will be displayed only when necessary.
* Added: Excluded links for AJAX loader. User can add links in Theme options > advanced > AJAX Exclude Links, and they will not be loaded by AJAX. 
* Added: Intro sections to "Tracks" (custom post).
* Added: New header options in Theme Options > General Settings > Navigation Header.
* Fixed: YouTube backgrounds.
* Fixed: Small bugs.
* Fixed: WooCommerce stock inventory.
* Updated: 
* Updated: Visual Composer ver. 5.1
* Updated: Revolution Slider - Version 5.4.1
* Removed: Portfolio "Lightbox group" option.

Please Note

WooCommerce pages are not fully ajaxed, because plugin is not compatible with this technology. The player uses the session storage so you can be sure that you don’t lose tracks when you refresh browser.

The images included in preview are for demonstration purposes only. In case that you import dummy data, you will have placeholders instead of images.


http://graphicriver.net/user/sao108/portfolio – Awesome flyers, posters, covers by sao108

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