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Mancala is a well-known 2-player classic board game with a lot of strategy and planning involved. This “count and capture” game is easy to play but hard to master. The main objective of the game is to capture the most seeds/stones at the end of the game. There are a lot of types playing Mancala all over the world and the most popular is “Kalah”.


Kalah is a variant of Mancala game that often played in the western world. It is a two-player board game, and each player will have six houses plus one storehouse. Initially, there are four seeds within the houses before both players distributing their own seeds in anti-clockwise direction (i.e. known as sowing). During sowing, player will skip the opponent storehouse but not the player’s own storehouse. During sowing, if the last seed falls into a player’s own house that is unoccupied, the player can remove the last seed and all the seeds in the opposite house into the player’s own storehouse. Player will get a free turn if the final seed of sowing ends in the player’s storehouse. Otherwise, the turn is over. When one player no longer has any seeds in any of their houses, the game ends. The other player moves all remaining seeds to their storehouse. The player who has collected more seeds is the winner.


  • A real Kalah gameplay.
  • Three levels of competitive AI
  • Six different colors of marble (blue, green, red, cyan, pink and purple)
  • Can play with your friend offline.
  • Automatic movement during sowing.
  • Cool and relaxing music.
  • Step-by-step tutorials are provided.
  • Non-intrusive ads.
  • Also support Firebase for game analytics


The game is monetized via below in-app advertising:

  • Admob banners + interstitial ads
  • AppBrain start-up interstitial (revenue booster due to high eCPM)

Requirements & Reskin

The game was developed using Java, andEngine and Android Studio. Here are the summaries for the re-skinning process:-

  1. Import the game into Android Studio.
  2. Rename the game package.
  3. Replace all the images with your own graphics.
  4. Setup Firebase and replace the Admob ids.
  5. Build a signed apk and your Mancala game is ready to be published.

Don’t worry, the details of setup and the re-skinning process can be found on the provided documentation.


Android apk file: download here

Thank you!

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