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You want your toddler to learn basic things about the human body before going to School? Or you want your toddler, in general, to know about the important body parts of the human body then Human Kids Body Parts is the right game of choice. It helps your baby to learn the basic and important body parts.

Human Kids Body Parts is a perfectly simple and easy learning game for children to learn about body parts like….
Face,Eyes,Nose,Mouth,Hair,Stomach,Chest,Knee,Head,Rib,Shoulder blade,Ear,Body,Hand,Arm,Leg,Foot,Skull,Spine,Humerus,jawbone,Ankle bone,Pelvis,Brain,Lungs,Kidney,Liver.

Not only this Human Kids Body Parts allows the kids to learn and recognize different body parts (like eyes, ears, nose, hands, legs, stomach, etc.), and learn about it. One of the most unique and innovative game it is. Where Human Kids Body Parts helps you learn the functioning of the body part.

To make the game fun there comes a loveable and enjoy full music in the background which makes kids attracted to the game thus it makes the learnings very easy.

Now to help the ability fo learning of the kids there are simple assessments over the game which helps us to learn and understand the value of the learning of body parts. The lesson is divided into 4 animated sub-lessons in which kids will learn the names of different body parts and their uses. Each lesson will be followed by 3 sets of practice games. These games will help kids practice and reinforce their concept of body parts through labeling, matching, crossword and identification exercises.

In fact, not only animated pictures but there are few real-life pictures of the human body part which helps the kids to learn & play the game and understand the important body parts, recognise the human body parts & also know the basic and important functioning of the human body parts.

Game is developed using cocos2dx but here you get android studio deployment only so its not required knowledge of cocos platform you have to follow the steps from document for reskin game in android studio.

You have to replace same size graphics & audio as well must require android studio knowledge seller is not responsible for lacking knowledge of android studio error or gradle issues we will only support if its coding issue.



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