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  • 59+ screens
  • Cooking, Shopping, Education ready to use app templates
  • Built with Ionic 4, Angular 7 and Sass
  • Native Android UI style

Ionpedia is an Ionic 4 Native Android Templates to build multiple app. These beautiful app templates will help you in developing app. We will keep updated Ionpedia and add new templates later. You dont need to waste your time in designing and prototyping, just focus on your code and let us work on prototyping.

You can easily implement components source code from by following our well organized documentation and follow the video tutorial.

Don’t waste your time to develop Ionic features and themes. Just focus on your business and goal. We will keep update all features and themes.

We still have a very huge homework to make this app work perfect for your business. So, don’t be hesitate to contact us and tell us what feature do you need. We will keep update this project and keep learning. If you have any question to ask, feel free to contact us.

Try first before you buy, check our demo app from playstore.

Happy Coding. Cheers!


In order to modify the app, you have to know the basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and AngularJS. Also, you have to have basic understanding about Ionic Framework.

You can read our documentation for details or read the documentation from Ionic official installation guide