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Infinite Math is a Math Puzzle Game it will test your math skills and improve it over time while you having fun.

Download Demo Apk From Here:

General Game Features:
  • the game will show the user simple math equations and he will have to decide if the equation correct or incorrect within one second for every equation and swipe right if the equation correct and swipe left if the equation incorrect,
    this will test his math skills and improve it over time while the user having fun and competing with his friends.
  • sqlite database featured to save users high score and names
  • Background Music and Sound Effects makes the game even better
  • Admob and Firebase Analytics
  • the game gets harder as you proceed

Project Information:

  • Platform: Android
  • Project Files: Android Studio
  • Version: 1.0
  • AdMob: Supported (Banner Ads & Interstitia Ads)


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