HTML Schedule nulled script free download

HTML Schedule nulled script free download

Milbytes Schedule

Milbytes Schedule has been built with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. This control allows you to visualize events in a grid inside your web page. It
has many parameters to define its behavior, visualization and you can capture actions generated when you interact with the elements of the schedule.

HTML Schedule - 1
HTML Schedule - 2

The code

– HTML5 & CSS3
– Javascript (You do not need the jQuery library)

The JavaScript code is in the file schedule_week_class.js and the styles used in the file schedule_week.css

The code used can be easily understood and stands out for its simplicity.

Use of external scripts

– Bootstrap : Bootstrap is an open source toolkit for developing with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Version 4.3.0 from February 2019.
– Moment.js : JavaScript library to parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates and times. Version 2.24.0 from January 2019.


The data to show in the schedule is passed to the control in JSON format. This data can have the origin in an Ajax request to the server or saved in a Javascript variable.

Control configuration

Once the web page is loaded you can dynamically create the time control and assign it to a specific DIV element.
It has a large number of options and events that you can use or not depending on your needs.

  • cfg_start_date : Indicates the first day.
  • cfg_title : Text in the title.
  • cfg_header_column_date_format : Date format in the header of the day column.
  • cfg_number_of_days : Number of days (columns). The value to show a week would be 7.
  • cfg_num_pixels_cell_height_px : Number of pixels of the height of each cell hour.

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