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Native Gym Master Mobile App for Android

Demo Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gymappniftysol&hl=en

award winning School Management System

User Role Username Password
Member alex alex

Gym Master Mobile App for Android works with Gym Master Php version:


Gym master android mobile app
Gym master best Gym mangement system

Gym master android mobile app

Update History

  • 24-10-2019

    - Changes in some Optional fields in registeration activity and Subscription History Changes
    - Support for Android 9.0
    - Support for android studio 3.5.1 
  • 08-08-2018

    - Changes in application SourceCode
  • 02-06-2018

    -  Access Right Issue resolved.
  • 22-11-2017

    - Update Documentation 
    - Validation in email address added
    - Scrolling view on profile page fixed
    - Validation in delete add measurement item added
    - Resolved memberview.php api
  • 01-05-2017

    - Initial Plugin release


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