Goddess Sri Nagadurga Lakshmi resides in Bannikuppe village in Tumkur district

Goddess Sri Nagadurga Lakshmi resides in Bannikuppe village in Tumkur district. Helps and protects devotees.

A girl from Banikuppe married to Narase gowdaru in Magadi, as he became the sun in law of the village whenever he visited his father in las village. He always felt some mysterious force pulling him towards the farm.

Once while he was visiting the farm, he heard a voice,” take me with you”. He was disturbed and scared, and when he visited an astrologer to find a solution. There the astrologer tells him he has naga dosha and does pooja. Even after doing pooja, the problem remained.

Then Narase gowdaru contacted Saavarni Astrology Research Center, G Mahadeva Aaryaru from Sri shakti madam Kuvapadi, Madras junction, Perum Baboor – 683544.

They visited the place and performed Ashtamangala prashne, and under their guidance, Narase gowdaru built a temple for Sarpa raja, naga Lakshmi and Durga Devi in 2013.

First, it was known as the Sri Naga Lakshmi temple. Then Narase gowdaru visited every week to do pooja. After some days in his dream goddess commanded to do pooja every day. After that, Narase gowdaru started to do pooja every day.

People from many places visit this temple and perform pooja, to solve their problems, such as Naga dosha, Santana dosha, Kutumba kalaha, wedding, education, health, children, many people found a solution. This holy place is very famous as Sri Nagadurga Lakshmi kshetra.

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