fridge: Offline Data Storage. Stores Anything, Everywhere nulled script free download

fridge: Offline Data Storage. Stores Anything, Everywhere nulled script free download

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fridge – Offline Data Storage. Stores Anything, Everywhere.

fridge is the World’s lightest multi-backend offline web storage JavaScript library on the planet.
It uses localStorage, indexedDB, and webSQL backends as key-value store database to store data locally in the web browser. It wraps all of them using a fast, cross-browser localStorage-like API and stores a very wide range of data types in the most optimal way possible, everywhere.

It uses all the available web storage backends. If one is full, it automatically stores in another.

It checks the data type, and then chooses the one that offers the best functionality, which makes fridge the first of its kind.

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fridge features: world's lightest, multi-backend
fridge features: cross-browser, localStorage-like API
fridge features: key-value, stores anything, feature-detection tests
fridge features: fast serializer, smart auto mode
fridge features: simplified error handling, complete on its own

Why use fridge?

Web browsers provides many ways to store data locally in the browser, but it’s very complicated, there are many headaches, many bugs, some has limited storage support, some has broken buggy implementations, and they all come with limitations, you can’t store this and you can’t store that. Even professional web developers struggle in this.

There are many web storage libraries that solve these issues, but very large in size, and they don’t have the luxury of using the optimal storage based on data type, which makes them slower than fridge, such as localForage. And some provides wrappers around certain storage technology, but with bugs, and requires storage polyfills. If you want to store an image or an audio file, you have to use a very big library to do a simple job.

For these reasons, JaguarScript built fridge.js, an extremely lightweight and production-ready replacement for localStorage and localForage. It’s fast, the lightest multi-backend storage ever made, perfect for mobile, cross-browser, and it does the offline web storage job perfectly.


  • World’s Lightest: The World’s lightest multi-backend web storage library on the planet. It’s just 7.8kb minified, 3.4kb gzipped.

    How is this even…

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