Flutter Video sharing app like tiktok dubsmash Clone – Acoustic nulled script free download

Flutter Video sharing app like tiktok dubsmash Clone – Acoustic nulled script free download

Launch your own high-quality video app in less than 5 minutes with Accoustic

You spent thousands of dollars and years trying to create a successful short video app, but there’s never been a platform that had everything you needed before. Now, you can use Accoustic to launch your new app in minutes with less efforts. Whether you are a developer, business owner, marketer, advertiser or social influencer, you can use Accoustic to launch your own successful video app. No matter the niche you’re in, be it gaming, fashion, beauty & wellness or travel – create an app that captures passions of users.


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acoustic demo Account
id :- [email protected]
password :- 123456





Feature highlights

  1. See videos.
  2. Like, comment and engage with content.
  3. Clutter-free playback and recording modes.
  4. Follow, unfollow your favorite creators.
  5. Block or unblock users.
  6. Instant push notifications with FCM.
  7. Manage user verification status.
  8. Disapprove inappropriate videos.
  9. Download and share with watermark + username.
  10. Record new video or upload existing.
  11. Choose music from phone, library or existing video.
  12. Recording with start/stop timer.
  13. In-app audio adjustments
  14. Real time camera filters.
  15. Apply filters to existing videos.
  16. Privacy on video clips and comments.
  17. Start hashtag challenges from admin panel.
  18. Customizable about screen.
  19. Emoji keyboard (iOS, Google, Facebook & Twitter).
  20. Custom image (GIF/JPG/PNG) + link ads from admin panel.
  21. Banner/interstitial/native ads by Google AdMob.
  22. Upload clips directly from admin panel (requires FFmpeg).
  23. Promotional banners from admin panel.
  24. Admin panel has user, staff and admin roles.
- fix login and register issue
- remove password validation
- fix issue of mute and unmute error while recording video
- fix ios recording...

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Note: You can download nulled script free without updates [ Guaranty No Virus ].

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