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Daily Motivation Quotes

Daily Motivation Quotes – Success quotes every day

Daily Motivation Quotes a simple full android app , that make user able to read every day a random quote This app will make your users happy with every day proverb and quote.

When you buy this item you’ll get the Android Project – Android Studio

  • Code source compatible with Android Studio and Ios.
  • “Success quotes ever day”.
  • Folder with all graphics.
  • Material design.
  • Beautiful UI.
  • Button Like or Favorite quote.
  • Android studio Code Source : RTL support and much more.
  • There are Help Documentation.
  • Folder with all graphics.

App Information:

  • Universal (phone & tablet)
  • Buttons Like, Dislike and Favorite quotes (Emoji Images).
  • Easy to add quotes or change colors.

Project contents:

  • Folder with graphics.
  • Android Project – Android Studio.
  • Documentation Help.