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# UPDATE CodeX v1.7 
- We know that you all won't like Google Ads, so we decided to "Burn them all!" 
- When you were worried about Deprecation warnings. We Laugh and say "And now his watch has ended." 
- We love you 3000, Constraint Layouts.
- "Hulk Smash!!" to permissions requested.
- Added Spotify player UI, so "Palette API is coming." in this update.
- Grid Views have been added in this update with animations.
- You can now request for the designs, to be added in the next update.

# UPDATE CodeX v1.6
-  Added dashboards and updated existing categories.
-  Bug fixes and performance improvements.

# UPDATE CodeX v1.5
-  Added new categories and updated existing categories.
-  Dark theme as in app has been added.
-  Bug fixes and performance improvements.

# UPDATE CodeX v1.4.1
-  Updated gradle dependencies.
-  No more deprecation warnings.

# UPDATE CodeX v1.3
-  Added Sidesheets and readers categories.
-  Fixed gradle error.

# UPDATE CodeX v1.2 
-  Added 2 more categories.
-  Added 3 more animation types.

# UPDATE CodeX v1.1 
 - Updated to latest versions of gradle
-  Updated to support android X dependencies
-  Added 2 more categories.

# UPDATE CodeX v1 
-  Release


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To be noted :

No images are present in the zip code which can be seen in screenshots above. And prices have been improved from this update.

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