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City Directory iOS Native App Source Code Free 2018

City Directory awesome App will help you for finding and explore your city’s places and find detail about the place about the phone, email, address, website and working time of place.

App show user reviews of all places and useful details in few clicks. This app fetching places listings data from Google Place API. So, you don’t need to add place your self. You can add new place by ‘Google Place’.

You can access any details in few clicks cause City Directory very well design by ‘User Experience’ and ‘User Interface’ It will also help for earn extra income by Admob and other Ads.

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  1. All places listings come from Google Place API.
  2. You can’t add any place by your self in the app. If you want to add a new place then just add your place in ‘Google Place’ then after some days Google will approve your place and you can see the reflection in City Directory.

Codecanyon App Installation and setup


- Admin Panel
- Slider
- Manage custom places
- Fixed bugs

- Smart API consumption
- Local feed caching 
- Performance improvements
- Fixed crash in lower os version devices

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City Directory iOS Native App Download

City Directory iOS Native App Source Code Free 2018

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