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About the game:

<Catch Eggs>is a game for Android OS. The project was compiled for Adobe Air and was published to *.apk file. Adobe Air Runtime was also integrated into *.apk file, so you don’t need to install Adobe Air on your device.

It is a very interesting, try play it.Use your mouse to move the basket,then catching the eggs that from those chicken.when the basket is full you need to place these eggs by clicking that girl besides it.Good Luck,come on!

Here is APK Demo file: Click download the demo .apk


  • It is very interesting game.
  • It is AS3.0 Version.
  • Easy to re-skin.
  • Use the mouse to catch the falling eggs.Must catch these eggs.
  • There are six life.
  • Random falling, random time ,random chicken.
  • Eggs enough five you can press that girl to place these eggs.Then continue.
  • The life is over,the game over.
  • Try to play it, you will like it.
  • Easy to change for ios(App Store).

Admob supported!

Easy to change your own AD.


If you have any question,please contact me freely,thanks.

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