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This is a complete Android App template for the classic Breakout Arcade game. The player has to move the paddle left and right and destroy all the bricks with the ball. The faster the level is finished the better the score. The game features 4 special bricks, 4 normal bricks with different colors and 3 different power ups.

The game also includes admob interstitial and banner ads. Just put in your ad unit id in the strings.xml file.

Check out the demo on Google play

Brick Breaker - A Classic Breakout Android Game - 1
Brick Breaker - A Classic Breakout Android Game - 2
Brick Breaker - A Classic Breakout Android Game - 3
Brick Breaker - A Classic Breakout Android Game - 4

Brick Breaker - A Classic Breakout Android Game - 5


  1. Includes interstitial and Banner Google Play Services Ads – Make money from Ads easily.
  2. All Graphics included – All sprites are also in .ai format.
  3. Saves Top Scores – The lowest time taken to finish each level is recorded in the level menu
  4. Add Levels – Levels can be added or edited very easily.
  5. Video Tutorial Included – A video tutorial is included for a quick start.
  6. Share on Facebook and others – Lets user choose where he wishes to share his game screenshot.
  7. Restart Feature – Player can restart game.
  8. Rate Feature – The app has a rate button to make it easier for players to give you a good rating.
  9. Very easy to customise – Most of the code you need to customise is in one xml file, Strings.xml.
  10. Pause Feature – Player can pause the game at any time.
  11. Sound Fx and music – Just replace the placeholder sound fx and music to have music play in the background
  12. 4 Power ups – Expand the paddle, increase lifes and add an extra ball.

Music and Sound Fx are not included

The music and sound fx are not included. The following where used in the demo:

  1. Gameover: http://audiojungle.net/item/game-over-orchestral-style/507249
  2. Ballout: http://audiojungle.net/item/level-down-01/5872044
  3. bounce: http://audiojungle.net/item/click/872
  4. music: http://audiojungle.net/item/cute-game/8134958
  5. reject: http://audiojungle.net/item/cartoon-spring-jump-pack/5640552
  6. success: http://audiojungle.net/item/good-answer/629879


  1. Version 1 – Uploaded to codecanyon
  2. Version 2 – Fixed a simple highscore bug just in singlescore.java
  3. Version 3 – Fixed a physics bug and added feature for banner ad to show under screen
  4. Version 4 – Banner ad minor bug fixed
  5. Version 5 – Physics improved, ‘next level’ button bug fixed, added timeout timer in case a ball gets stuck.
  6. Version 6 – Improved on reset timer. Now if a ball get stuck it will reset to starting position.

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