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Bouncy Monkey is an easy to play platform android game. The game has one main character, which is a monkey. The idea behind Bouncy Monkey is to help the monkey cross a river by jumping from one rock to another until it get to the end of the river where it is able to feed on some bananas. The game player is only supposed to tap the screen to help the monkey jump. Failure to control the monkey, the monkey falls into the water and the game is restarted again. If restarted again 3 times the game comes to an end and one is taken back to the levels to start the game again. Therefore, the player is to avoid monkey from falling into the water. A level is completed on reaching to the end of the river.

Bouncy Monkey Android Game with Adverts - 1


  • LibGDX framework used
  • Android & Desktop Support
  • Easy reskin
  • AdMob Ads Banner integrated
  • Revmob Ads Banner integrated
  • AdMob and Airpush Interstitial Ads integrated
  • Clear cool graphics
  • Optimized for tablets
  • Background music and sounds

How to Setup and Reskin

  • Install latest Android SDK
  • Open project in Eclipse IDE
  • Change Package ID, App Name, icons, graphics and sounds
  • Set up Google Play Games Services
  • Set up AdMob ID and Airpush ID
  • Build an APK file


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