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12th November 2017: Now updated for Android Studio 3.0+. Please use Android Studio 3.0+ when using this source code.

Very clean and modern source code for you to edit and publish your very own Flappy Bird game for Android!

Written in native Java code using Android Studio, this project supports the very latest version of Android, 8.0+ Oreo, and supports all screen sizes up to 10” tablets.

The aim of the game is to tap the screen to make the bird fly through the columns and collect the stars for as long as possible without hitting anything.

Comes with Admob banner ads built in. Just add your own Admob ID.

Includes a dashboard feature so you can easily change game variables all in one place: overall game speed, distance between columns, column speed, column gap, bird fall speed (gravity), bird acceleration speed, bird jump height etc.

Android Studio Logo

Android Studio is now the official development environment for Android apps, Eclipse is no longer supported by Google.

Game Features:

  • Runs on Android 3.0 up to 9.0+ Pie
  • Simple clean code – easily customisable
  • High replayability, endless game
  • Randomly generated obstacles so no two games are the same
  • Innovative dashboard – change many gameplay variables like gravity, speed etc. very easily in one place
  • Admob banners included
  • Current score and best score
  • 2 sound effects (you can easily add more)
  • Just replace graphics and export if you wish
  • Designed to fit all screen sizes, phones and tablets
  • Code comments thoughout explaning what the code does
  • Support for using different fonts (.ttf font files)
  • Splash screen to put your company name or copyright information

The download includes the following folders:

  • Blappy Bird Android Studio project folder, containing all the code, graphics and support libraries, ready to load into Android Studio.
  • Photoshop .psd files (including 512×512 psd icon template for google play store)
  • Copies of the .png files in xxhdpi format
  • Instruction manual

The following software is required (all are free to download):

  • Android Studio 3.0+
  • Android SDK
  • Java JDK

(if you want to publish to Google Play Store, you will need a Google Play Developers license).

It is highly recommended that you create your own graphics or at least modify the existing graphics before re-publishing this app. I have provided the photoshop graphic files for you to do this.



Android Studio Logo



Update v2.50 –

  • update for Android Pie 9.0
  • made it much easier to add AdMob IDs
  • fixed notification bug
  • added example play store graphics

Update v2.20 –

  • update for Android Studio 3.1.3, Gradle 4.4 and Android 8.0 Oreo

Update v2.10 –

  • updated for Android Studio 3.0
  • reduced filesize by removing unneccesary build folders

Update v2.05 –

  • cleaned up code and reduced filesize
  • added more instructions

Update v2.00 –

  • added lives with a countdown timer
  • added many more items to the dashboard
  • you can now specify how many lives the player has, and how long the countdown should be in the dashboard
  • added fixed size to screen to improve fps
  • better fps across all devices
  • added two new files – BackgroundReceiver.java and BroadcastService.java for lives countdown (you should not normally need to touch these files)
  • added status bar notification when lives are full
  • app instructions are now online at http://blappybird.helpdocsonline.com

Update v1.50 –

  • updated app for Android N

Update v1.40 –

  • added support for quad HD devices
  • updated to the latest android studio version
  • updated exit dialog to lollipop/marshmallow style
  • new more resilient gamethread to cope with more devices

Update v1.37 –

  • Update for Android Studio 1.5, google play services 8.3.0 and android support-v4 23.1.1
  • Update for Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Update v1.36 –

  • Update for Android Studio 1.3.2, including update for gradle 1.3.0, google play services 7.8.0 and android support-v4 23.0.0
  • Please note: If you are coming from gradle 1.2.x the first gradle sync might take a while as it has to download the new gradle version.

Update v1.35 –

  • Updated game thread for smoother animation
  • Added screen transitions – screens now slide in from the right

Update v1.3 –

  • Changed game thread so game runs at constant speed with max fps on more devices
  • Added two extra items to the dashboard – score text size and score from top modifier
  • Cleaned up code so game runs better

Update v1.2 –

  • Updated app for Android Studio v1.2.1.1
  • Added sound mute and pause buttons
  • Fixed a minor occassional bug when app is sent to background