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Bits ‘n’ Pieces – Circle Slice is a really simple puzzle game, everyone can play easily.
You need to tap on a possible zone to place slices of fruits. Complete a circle to blow it up and you will get a high score.

  • A circle can blast its connecting sides also
  • Target center circle it can blast all sides circles.
  • Always count 2 steps strategy before tap help you get a higher score.

Game developed in cocos2dx 3.17

Click here for demo APK


  • Fun and easy drag and drop gameplay
  • Beautiful graphic and effect.
  • Many slices on the collection and get free.
  • Features

    Ad networks

    • AdMob
    • chart boost
    • unity ads
    • Replayable Gameplay
    • Responsive adapts to device screen size
    • Saves High Scores
    • Including images and sound effects


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