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attendace with qr Android + CI

About this system?

This is an application for employee attendance. Track your employees online and save your employee’s data to your database (MYSQL).

This application working with a system called Employee attendance with QR (Android App). Attendance login system based on Codeigniter.

Your employee will attend with scan the QR code.


  • Add user
  • Delete user
  • Ban, Unban user
  • Register new user sent to email token
  • Forget password
  • Role user level
  • Edit user profile
  • Gravatar user profile
  • Recaptcha by Google
  • List employees attendance
  • Export employee attendance to CSV or XLS
  • Check your employee attendance late or on time every day
  • Review your employee attendance for 1 week, 1 month, 1 Year, etc
  • Generate QR for your employee name

User Level

  • Admin -> is_admin
  • Author -> is_author
  • Employee -> is_employee
  • Sucscriber -> is_subscriber


System Management



This application is suitable for?

-Universities, attendance of students
-The company, for employee attendance
-Or else, to check attendance


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