AQFIT W5 Edge Smartwatch Launched: Features, Price And Specs Updates!!

AQFIT W5 Edge Smartwatch Launched: Features, Price And Specs Updates!!

Are you looking for a watch to flaunt among your family and friends? Well, you have landed on the correct webpage, then the article will describe more about a recent launch of a smartwatch named AQFIT W5 Edge Smartwatch.

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  • Brand Name AQFIT
  • Watch Name AQFIT W5 Edge Smartwatch
  • Battery Life 10 days
  • Display Size 1.7 inches
  • Battery Type Lithium Polymer
  • Weight 57 g
  • Color Grey, Green, Black
  • Touchscreen Yes
  • Waterproof Yes
  • Unisex Yes
  • Waterproof rating IP68
  • Price ₹2,499



The AQFIT W5 Edge Smartwatch comes with a 4.31 cm with HD Touchscreen feature. The display is smooth and goes well with the touchscreen feature in it.

In addition, the smartwatch appears to be very smart in terms of extra activities like the heart Valuation checking tool built-in, which works for 24 hours each day, a device for you if you are a fitness freak multitasking personality. It has added enormous features like the blood rate checker as well.

The body ratio seems very interesting and is rectangle in shape. The dial gives it a rich and premium look liked by everyone. The UI design as well is managed perfectly, which helps one to ensure the format of the smartwatch easily.

Additional features get provided by the Sleep Monitoring checking system, Pedometer that helps in step counting. Also, the calories counter seems like a blessing for both weights losing gaining people out there worldwide. Well, it comes with a 180 mAH battery set up easy to last for a minimum of ten days.

Shape and Material

The dial comes in shaped like a rectangle that is very vivid nowadays. The detail about the strap is that the material used in strap making is silicone. Unluckily these are not swappable it comes in different colors option the grey, green and black, you can check one out. The smartwatch is resistant to 50m, and the dial gets made up of Zinc Magnesium.

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Product and Processor Features

The straps are buckle-like and have a sensor of BOSCH BMA421. What about sounds and notifications? Well, the notification setting comes as the vibration mode. The battery body and type are Lithium Polymer. The processor used in the smartwatch is named RK8762C. You are not able to make calls using this watch. It gratifies Bluetooth connectivity options. The Bluetooth v5.0 makes it very easy to connect without any lags and connectivity issues. V5.0 works and has a range of 10 m with camera features luxuriated.


The main feature of this smartwatch comes with the charging option with a type C USB cable, plus the battery lasts for ten days and up to 720 hours. In addition to this, the warranty for the watch is one year as soon as you purchase it.

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