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Restaurant app is a product on which buyer will get Main product application,
Admin panel and one Driver application.Both the applications are fully integrated with
PHP Admin Panel.
Buyer can use this product at any where like Restaurant,E-Commerce,
Cake shop,Flower shop etc …
It has a lots of pre developed functionalities like Social media integrations, Multiple payment
gateways for payment, order tracking,Live tracking,One signal push notification
and much more.
It has backend functionality on which buyer can add new product’s category, product’s
subcategory with product description ,price amount ,tax amount ,product type
(veg, non-veg) and much more.
From the admin panel buyer can add and remove new driver for deliver the product
on specific address.
Buyers are able to set the Deal of the day/Today’s offer product
with specific time period.
Application has been integrated with Apple Pay, Paypal, Stripe,
COD payment
gateway integration.
Driver Application is fully integrated with Admin panel too.It has order tacking
on which route will generate on google map between driver current
location and customer address.
so driver can easily find delivery address.Map will
update every time with live – Google Map route

Now a days google map apis are paid, so buyer who do not want to use custom
tracking.They can use default google map application for order tracking.Driver
application will
automatically redirect on Google Map app and draw the route between
your current location and Delivery location.

Note:Both applications are developed in Android Java 4.x language, Which are supported all
latest Android Phones.

Note:Please make sure Android and IOS design would be different but functionality of both the apps are same.

Basic Key features for Admin Panel

  • Customise admin panel with Core PHP 7.0.
  • Secure JWT web Services.
  • Easy to upgrade product from backend.It will reflect on Application.
  • Add discount functionality for each and every product.
  • Product main category, subcategory, most popular and favourite product functionality.
  • Register Customer list functionality.
  • MVC design architecture.
  • Advance search functionality.
  • Add coupon code and Tax for every product(Discount Functionality).
  • Advance push notification functionality with one signal.
  • Send push notification with image, messages and gifs.
  • List of driver details functionality.
  • Add and delete new driver for delivery for different location functionality.

Basic key features for Product Application

  • Supports with Latest Android OS.
  • Android Java/XML language – Native Android Studio project.
  • Supports android 5.0 and above.
  • Manages local storage with sqlite.
  • Manage offline storage through sqlite.
  • Integrate secure JWT apis.
  • Paginations and pull to refresh for product list.
  • MVC Design pattern
  • Attractive Dashboard with specific product offers.
  • Advance search functionality.
  • Login, registration and forgot password functionality.
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google plus social media login integrations.
  • Cart storage functionality.
  • OTP verification functionality(Email OTP Verification).
  • Apply coupon code or redeem code functionality(Discount offers).
  • Add and save new address functionality.
  • Stripe payment,Paypal, COD secure payment integrations functionality.
  • Track and cancel order functionality.
  • Give feedback on product functionality(Product review and write comment).
  • Clean modern editable UI/UX design using Storyboards and XIBs.
  • Documentation included inside the package.
  • PSD icons included in the package.

Basic key features for Driver Application.

  • Supports with Latest Android OS.
  • Android Java/XML language – Native Android Studio project.
  • Supports android 5.0 and above.
  • Login, forgot password functionality.
  • Secure JWT api integration.
  • Driver will received Pending and Delivered order list.
  • Received new order through push notification.
  • Advance google map live tracking with animations.
  • Start and end trip functionality with google map route direction.
  • Customer signature functionality.
  • Paginations and pull to refresh for product list.
  • Indicate all pending orders on google map.
  • MVC Design pattern.


  • The latest Android Studio with version 3.0 and above.
  • Google developer account for google pay and deployment.
  • A verified PayPal,Stripe and one signals accounts.
  • Paid google account for google map and google place api.
  • Basic knowledge of Android studio and Java language.
  • Real device on which you can run application and receive Push notification.
  • A free developer account on Facebook, google and Instagram.


after buy, use this details for login in admin panel
email : [email protected]
pass : [email protected]
and you should upload your contents in folder with name CoffeebarLive . ex: localhost/CoffeebarLive/

Image of demo 1
Image of demo 2
Image of demo 3


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