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Demo of what you get.

Android MVP Architecture SoundCloud Downloader - 1

Android MVP Architecture SoundCloud Downloader - 2

Google Play demo of what you can create.

Android MVP Architecture SoundCloud Downloader - 3

Android MVP Architecture SoundCloud Downloader - 4

Create a large scale app for almost anything. This architecture is based off the Model View Presenter programming paradigm with up to date industry standards. Comes with a SoundCloud API Key. Enjoy!

Android MVP Architecture SoundCloud Downloader - 5

High Level Features:

Enterprise Architecture

– this architecture is commonly getting used in applications for big tech companies.


– there is a nicely decoupled Firebase module with Invites, Push Notifications and authentication available ready to use. Adding Realtime database to this module would be a piece of cake for the developer.

In-App Purchases

– There are some examples of Donating and Removing Ads in the application.


– Ads have been integrated and there is an example of interstitial.


– Login with Facebook is up and running as well with authentication with the Firebase authentication so that in your Firebase console you can see who logs in with Facebook or plain Email and Password.


– SoundCloud API is getting used in this app. Search for a song with a keyword or genre using a custom material design sliding picker.

Android Studio

– This app was developed using Android Studio, importing or opening this project should be simple for additional development purposes.

Material Design

– There are a number of different examples of animations using material design concepts through out this application. Splash intro, Recycler view animations, custom sliding picker, media player slider

Media Player

– Preview and listen to any SoundCloud song with the animated media player sliding toolbar before you decide to download.

Song Downloading

– There is an algorithm in this application that converts the API song url into bytes with the android download manager for offline use. You can turn this feature on and off. Google play store will not allow this feature to be enabled.

Rate Me

– there is an example of a rate me button in the sliding drawer that directs the user to the play store.


Currently SoundCloud is going through transitions and acquiring a API key from them is quite difficult. This project uses the SoundCloud API to demo how this architecture functions but you can essentially integrate with any third party API.


Use the downloading feature at your own discretion, I am not liable for any misuse of the function. Be respectful and do NOT use for illegal operations.


If you feel you are having issues with the project please contact the following email before leaving a negative review. I will get in touch with you as soon as possible with a solution.

[email protected]