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A ready to use Android studio based UI Components in which you will have several design layouts with material designs related to list, recycler view. In these layout we use travel theme to implement most of layouts. In these layouts we implement expendable list view,listview refresh, listview swipe items, list view with cards, List View with sticky header,RecyclerView, Grid View and Drawer Menu

This Android UI Components can be used for any kind of mobile app development. Fully documented and easy to change styles & Images and Text to customize it for your own purpose.

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Main Features:-

  • All of layouts supports material designs.
  • All designs are compiled on API 23 and it is supportable API 15 or more.
  • Android studio (Official android editor) supportable.
  • Separate code for each layout.
  • Library project included with code.
  • Easy to use.

What is in it:-

Drawer/Left Menu: –
It is most popular feature of android. Drawer/Left Menu it a set of links which will show when we swipe layout left to right and hide when we swipe right to left. we can open this menu item on touch of menu icon of action bar.

Expandable List View:-

Expandable View is a view where are two level of list view, first is parent list view and second is child list view. When we click on parent list view it show list of its child list view, if we again click on its parent item then it will hide the child listview.

List View Refresh :-
It is the other list view which will the refresh the list items on scroll up layout. If we scroll up the layout it refresh the list if some new items added but not showing in list view can use it here.

Swipe Remove item:-
Swipe remove item in this layout we you can swipe the layout left to open and remove.
If you swipe list item in left. it will ask to open and remove this item from list. It we click on item it remove the item from list. You can change the actions in the code.

List View with Cards:-

We use list view with cards. Card introduced in API 21 with Recycler View and Material design. We can use these cards view with list view.

Recycler View: –
Recycler View is upgraded list view , it shows items more attactactive,with shadow and ripple effect(material design).

In grid view you can show the items in multiple columns, in example we are using two columns to show views.

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