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Android Forum Discussion App

aBulletin, Android Forum Discussion App is a native android forum app.This app has created on Android-Studio for front-end and PHP MySQL Database for Backend. App is very easy to customize on the color, theme and logo. This app can be customizable and integrate with PhpBB Forum, Vbulletin Forum, IPboard Forum, Vanilla Forum, and few more popular discussion boards in the market and off-course you can integrate to your live forum. We do provide a customizable option to import RSS feed to your app as post so you new app will be auto populated with your niche contents.

Run your own niche android discussion forum app in just 30 mins.

Major Features Version 1.0.0

Material Design with Navigation-drawer and Floating Action-button
Easy Navigation with Sliding Tabs
Admob Banner and Interstitial Ads Integrated
Facebook Signup Integration
GCM Push Notification
Unlimited Categories,Threads and Posts
Categories customize each to have Different Color and Icons
Users can subscribe to threads
Forum has Moderator rights to delete or edit Posts and Ban Users
Hot Discussions Thread List
Recent Discussions Thread List
My Discussions Thread List
Easy Pagination on Post pages with Swipe
Users can set the posts per page limit (default : 10)
Users can have a Signature shown in all their posts
Users will receive GCM Push Notification when someone replied to his subscribed threads
Guest can have a read-only access to Forum,Thread and Post Pages
Splash Screen with logo & loading
Easy one file config for changing theme colors and logo
Parse Notification for global Push
Users can edit/delete their post
Post count will be displayed beside to his name
Users can view their Post and Threads in their Profile page
Last Post Edited Date-time will be shown in each post If edited
Secure Authorization to avoid Malfunction and SQL injection
Link from Navigation-drawer to show your More-apps on Google Play Store
Link from Navigation-Drawer to Rate your App in Google Play Store
Web moderation is not yet fully implemented in this version but the workaround has been given

Customizable :

Third-Party Forum Integration:
This can be customizable to integrate with any existing live forum board like PHPBB, VBulletin, IPBoard, SMF, Vanilla and more…Please contact us to get the feasibility to integrate the android app to the live forum.

RSS Feed Import(Auto Populate):
Now you can auto populate your forum app by importing a RSS feed from other sources and auto fill your forum with latest niche content and make your new users to start communicate/interact with the populated contents (Recommended to new app/sites to go viral)

Whats on the next update :

Twitter Integration
Google Integration
Top Users List
Private Messages between users
Web Moderation


We cannot provide a demo APK as of now, since this could lead to a malfunction or reverse engineering. You can always check out the screenshots to get the feel of what you’ll get. We always try to make sure to provide you all the screen and the updated screenshots to get the whole picture of the app.

Hosted App Version

If you don’t have your web server to setup, No worries, you can choose our HostedApp option to live your app without any hassle.

You can just relax and come back to see your live app because we will be hosting your app in our cloud server along with server setup/database setup/configure/install/liv the app it for you along with Installation Support(refer Support below)

Support :

Email : [email protected]
Skype : greencoder24

Due to different timezones, It may take up to 24 hours to get a reply on Email/Skype.

Support Terms:

Free Support :
Yes – Code Issues, Code Bugs, Basic Theme Changes
No – Live/Installation Setup not included
No – Server Setup not included
No – Database Setup not included
Yes – Skype
Yes – Emails
No – Phone/Calls

and free support includes guiding/helping in configuring/installing the Android App & Server & Database.

Installation Support:
Yes – Code Issues, Code Bugs, Basic Theme Changes
Yes – Live/Installation Setup
Yes – Server Setup (In your server, temp. developer login is required)
Yes – Database Setup (In your server, temp. database login is required)
Yes – Skype
Yes – Emails
Yes – Theme Changes(Color,Logo,Addition/Removal of Modules)

Any core/module changes of the code which includes the modification of the app like functionality removal or functionality addition will be not included in Free and Installation Support.

If you mailing us for any code/bud issue, Please include as much information as possible. (If possible with LOGS)
please, include the following information:
– Your purchase code. Messages without purchase code may be ignored.
– Link to your web and database login credentials
– Additional information (such as FTP details and access to the database and hosting control panel) may be requested if necessary.