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In this All-In-One web-view app, we’ve tried to cover all necessary intents and links so that buyer can use this for their custom reference and build something more exciting than our app.User friendly UI and simple codes makes it easier for the developers to re-create from this code.


  –  Support for Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.3) and newer
  –  Developed with Android Studio & Gradle
  –  Material design following Android Design Guidelines
  –  High performance & Latest android 7 support added
  –  External + Internal web-view demo included.
  –  Easy: Just define your URL and app takes care of the rest!
  –  Native Android activity indicator while loading your URL
  –  Intents for opening external apps (e-mail, sms, phone call, map, store)
  –  Geolocation (optional)
  –  Download manager
  –  File picker for uploading files
  –  Local offline screen if your app can’t connect to your URL
  –  HTML 5 Audio / HTML 5 Video / Geo-location / … supported
  –  Local pages (available in offline)
  –  Error handling
  –  Offline handling
  –  Progress bar when loading the page
  –  Action bar title based on HTML title or custom text
  –  Define which URLs should be opened in Browser instead of your app
  –  Android Multitasking supported
  –  Responsive design (portrait, landscape, handling orientation change)
  –  Support for high-resolution displays (xxxhdpi)
  –  Custom color design
  –  Image Download Intent
  –  Cache Management
  –  Easy configuration
  –  Well documented
  –  Top quality clean code created by experienced Android developer
  –  Free support + free updates
    …and much more!